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Baby Drop 02:03
[Intro] [Verse 1] Roll a spliff that’d give a sane man a heart attack Pass it off, No letter man but the quarter back No worries man got fat ass quartersack Blaze a fatty get it started automatic We ain’t taking no shit yeah you heard it like a cattle Ima sip this drink like it’s going out of style Ima sip this drink like I'm fourty with a child Fuck it, getting sippy till I throw up on myself Ain’t nothing in the world gunna change me Stuck in my lane so there’s nobody I'm racing [Hook] Smoke a lot of weed, fuck up everything Smoke a lot of weed, fuck up everything [Verse 2] I came to late to take notes If you’re caught by the beast better aim for the throat Katamari prince but I’m taking the throne Just hand me the crown and the paper to throw And I don’t even know whether it’s rain or it’s snow So I ask mother nature which way I should go She said fuck you that’s the way that it goes And that’s the story ice ages ago So ahead of our time we getting funny looks If we in a race you be lucky as a runner up Getting super faded and in turn getting nothing done But some how doing nothing was a ton of fun (lotta fun) Blaze often paid homage to great ganja Burned off weight. Weight watchers If I'm strained, these strains are my toxins Vision getting foggy cause my brains getting hot boxed [Hook x2] [Outro] Just another day in the life, still the same by the end of the night (Ain't nothing changed) Just another day in the life, still the same by the end of the night (Maybe Something Changed) Just another day in the life, don't ever see the same thing twice
Off the Nuts 03:22
And I got em sayin [Verse 1] Now they got me sayin "Fuck the Dumb" Grouch said it. Ice King frost it’s the next Living Legends 2012 and we’re running out of minutes Kinda like my girl when 'm hitting up her digits Kinda like my world whenever shes not in it. Others grab at me but they don’t really get it. Emotion commited but I do like attention You know that they say you can benefit from friendship. Even if she does I dunno if I accept it. Can’t put it together and im fuckin good at tetris Quit playin games girl im not on your level Prey for them to catch me, wish I never met em got my girl sayin' [Chorus] [Verse 2] Hall and Oats man but sans the family I'm still fond of watching the fawns prancing I mean my homies were the ones who shot Bambi’s Mom but baby girl, I wouldn’t do something that mean Killin all the birds just one buck shot They’re still flockin' what the fuckin' bloodclot? I know there’s something that they must want It’s like every single girl is the next hipster, run off. Still charm the pants off em often But I'm thinking wait cause there’s weight on my conscience At times grown ups act childish I know it’s hard for you to swallow but honestly that’s just how it is I speak the truth from inside of me and I’ve been reading these girls like a book, psychically And now they wanna cat fight for me I never liked the chase so now I got em all sayin’ yo [Chorus] Wheather it’s wrong or its right No body want to sleep alone every night Whether it’s wrong or it’s right Still feel like I got a hole in my life [x2]
Get Money 02:20
APE 03:29
C’est la vie let it be gone C’est la vie let it be gone Stuck in the ketamine hole gotta reach up for the sky grab anything hold on been at it a minute now getting impatient gimme a second what chu expect from me? said id be better then anybody but buddy somebody is butting in to the party telling me naw telling me naw gnaw C’est la vie let it be gone what was that thing that they said? Can’t get it outside of my head whats the intention? They better be telling me. dwelling on negative better be betterment bet I could benefit from getting inside my head again yet again ten out of ten times I get ahead of myself thinking in time thinking in time in time C’est la vie let it be gone C’est la vie let it be gone Can I be one of the rawest? Ever to set a new bar Tender but like liquor hard then drink like the gods Sight is on enemy target aiming at center piece dome pray to be ready to shot or be shot at is it a free for all for one and one for all following fathers footsteps wasn’t hard at all at all that’s all C’est la vie let it be gone
Zenith 03:59
Rufio 03:24
This 'n That 03:25
Time Out 03:14
Ready-To-Go 01:48


released April 13, 2013


all rights reserved



BU$TIN Los Angeles, California

Contact: bustinfabulous@gmail.com

Visit my soundcloud for group projects.

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